Welcome to Masonic Banners
by Heather Everitt Embroidery

Bespoke masonic banners designed and created to your exact requirements. Each one is individually crafted in England from the finest materials. From design to finished banner, an heirloom for your lodge for years to come.

The Worshipful Master and brethren thank you for the marvellous work that you have put into producing our Banner. It will be displayed with pride.
— TH. Oxfordshire.


Artwork Creation

If you do not have a design for your new banner Heather can offer a full design service. Working for your initial ideas or an existing lodge logo, she can produce a scale painting of the banner design. Copies can be supplied for obtaining permissions from either Grand Lodge or Province. This will be included in your initial quote though any additional work and amendments will be subject to an additional charge.



Replicas and Conservation

Many of the banners Heather makes are replicas of original designs. Victorian painted banners, in particular, seem to deteriorate over time. Paint pigments from this period can be unstable and flake or ‘eat away’ the base fabric.

Heather can create an exact embroidered copy of the old banner; this will provide a usable asset for the Lodge whilst preserving a strong link with history and tradition. Old fragile banners can be conserved; they are mounted on a calico stretched frame, stitched down and covered with a fine net. This can then be framed and glazed to protect against further damage.